Selling a Home

What makes Still Brothers & Associates listings sell faster?

One reason is our sign!signphoto

Studies have shown that most real estate sales can be traced back to a sign call. We designed our sign to take advantage of this. Our “Bought” sign presents a more positive image to the public.  The buyer was shown how special your home is so they “Bought” it! It was not a product that had to be pushed and sold to them! The information Box is an effective method to entice buyers with information on your home! Professionally installed post design won’t be mistaken for remodeling, pool construction or other signs. Buyers know your home is “For Sale”. Our bright yellow and red sign is recognizable and carries the Still Brothers & Associates reputation for quality service.


Full-Time Sales Force

We have full-time sales people with over 125 years combined experience!  Each of these salespeople will tour your home the first week it is listed to ensure that inquiries from prospective buyers are properly handled.

Contact us for a free market analysis of your home.

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